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AO "Ruskhimset" is the first national distributor of chemical products and raw materials in Russia and the Republic of Belarus. The company was established in 2000. We specialize in trading of chemical raw materials in less-than-truck-load quantities from 100 kilograms to 10-20 tons.

We are the first and the only who regularly and knowingly, step by step develop regional sale system. Moreover, it is the regional vector of development which is determinative for us.

At present our company creates a new state-of-the-art warehouse infrastructure for acceptance, storing and shipment of chemical raw materials of approved quality in required quantity and assortment. We exercise supplements on a just-in-time basis all over Russia, Republic of Belarus and other CIS countries.

AO "Ruskhimset" has opened a new stage in modern chemical business in Russia.

Welcome to the rapidly developing Russian and CIS market of chemical products.

Regional Development

Chemical products and raw materials require particular handling, particular conditions of transportation and storing.

Especially proficiently AO "Ruskhimset" operates with chemical liquids.

We work in the huge territory: there are hundreds and thousands kilometers from one chemical raw materials consumer to another. The necessity of particular handling of the most chemical products and large distances have determined the main path of our company development. It is the establishment of regional warehouses and trade business units.

Moscow - 2000 year
Yaroslavl - 2000 year
Tambov - 2000 year
Yekaterinburg - 2000 year
Volgograd - 2000 year
Minsk (The Republic of Belarus) - 2000 year
Kazan - 2003 year
Saint-Petersburg - 2003 year
Ivanovo - 2005 year
Rostov-on-Don - 2006 year
Perm - 2007 year
Nizhny Novgorod – 2009 year
Kiev (Ukraine) – 2010 year
Novosibirsk – 2011 year

Every business unit and warehouse is established in a precisely approved region, which is a large industrial centre of chemical raw material consumption. Special importance has also transport and logistic direction, which allows to provide the steady and maximum wide range of chemical raw materials and the prompt supply with chemical specialties.

Regional warehouses are provided with their own specialized transport for delivering the raw materials to their customers.

At present the company creates subsidiary distributor company in Kazakhstan.

Highly qualified personnel in our business units is always ready to advise technologists and buyers of our customers about application features and trends in the market of these chemical products.

Industrial approach

AO "Ruskhimset" has focused its efforts on the definite branches of industry in Russia and CIS.

Our company follows the BRANCH or DIVIZIONAL PRINCIPLE of assortment selection and organization of customer service.

Today we work actively and offer the raw materials to the following intensely developing lines of industry:

Tire and mechanical rubber
Printing and packaging
Paints, varnishes and coatings
Plastics, resins and composites
Household and disinfectant materials
Chemicals for construction materials
Solvents and glycols
Acids and alkalis

For specialized and professional functioning we have established 9 divisions oriented on providing with all the range of raw materials for these branches.

In the short run of the company there is a selection of chemical products assortment for the following promising branches of industry in Russia and CIS countries:

Food and beverage
Oil&Gas and mining industry
Water treatment
Metallurgy and metal-working
Pulp and paper

Representatives of every division work permanently in each of our regional business units. Our company is able to provide any manufacturer with the whole assortment of chemical raw materials directly in the regional warehouse or to provide the delivery of combined cargo via truck, railcar and container.

Distribution service

AO "Ruskhimset" is a permanent supplier for more than 4000 enterprises in Russia and CIS countries. Annual goods turnover is more than 50 000 tons.

We have a great sales experience, highly qualified personnel and 23 operating regional warehouses and trade business units all over the territory of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus.

AO "Ruskhimset" is probably the best distributor of produced by you chemical raw materials in Russia and CIS. We are ready to provide stable and significant sales volumes of chemical products which you manufacture on the scheduled monthly basis.

We will ensure maximum rapid and effective entering of your company into the highly increasing Russian and CIS market of chemical raw materials.

AO "Ruskhimset" will introduce your products in every part of this huge territory.